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In the days of smartphones, smart cars and even smart houses, an idea like Sonic Pills seemed like need one. Sonic Pill is, in some ways, a smart way to manage your own body and brain as it changes your existing state to the one you need in just minutes of listening to the chosen therapy. We focused on eliminating the most common problems today that negatively affect your quality of life while taking care for environmental sustainability and fair trade principles.



  • Deep Sleep
  • Mindfulness
  • Power Nap-Reset

Ballance of the body and mind is the true base of health and longevity. If we talk in terms of sound then balance equals harmony. When we are in balance then we are fresh, present, we have a clear mind and our emotions are stable allowing us to function at our best.

Deep sleep is essential for balancing our mind and body functions allowing us to have peak performance in all we do.

Power Nap-Reset is a quick fix for all the times that fatigue comes rushing in putting us of balance and affecting our functioning.

Mindfulness will align you back to balance by calming your mind, sharpening your senses and bringing your awareness into the present moment.


mood booster

  • Stress Free
  • Libido Boost
  • Focus & Concentration

We live in times in which we are loaded with too much information and emotional input that can cause us to have mood swings affecting our mind and body, thought and behavior. Sometimes it can take us too much time to switch our mood and the stress of everyday life is to strong to release, we need to decompress.

Stress free is an universal mood changer, because stress is almost a synonym for bad mood. Destress and be the true version of yourself - that is the best mood you can be in.

Libido boost will relax your body and destress your mind helping you to biologically and psychologically fall into that sensual mood for love and pleasure.

Focus & Concentration will clear your mind and readjust tension and anxiety helping you get into that mood of relaxed focus.



  • Pain Relief
  • Imuno-Boost
  • Relaxation

When our mind and body is in alliance this equals harmony and harmony equals a state of well-being. We can see our body, with all its organs and systems, our brain activity, thoughts and emotions as a little ‘walking orchestra’. If one part gets out of tune our whole being will get out of its natural balance.

Immuno boost - immunity differs from individual to individual, harmonize your systems to achieve the prerequisite for a good immune response which is essential for your health and wellbeing.

Pain Relief - pain, an unpleasant feeling, that destabilizes our well-being in the worst way, let go of that feeling and loosen your sensory and emotional experience.

Relaxation - in todays fast, busy lifestyle we often find it hard, sometimes even impossible to relax, activating your parasympathetic nervous system and decreasing your stress levels is essential for your health and wellbeing.