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Hello, we are Sonic team!

Our mission is exploring power of sound to help people feel better.

As a team, we are working every day, to bring unique sound experience as a therapeutical tool, by using technology and innovation, in the form that is easy to use, fast in result and acceptable for everyone!

Power of Sound

Sound as a therapeutic modality is known and applied throughout history in ancient Rome, Athens, Egypt, India, China, Tibet etc. Sonic Pill® sound therapy combines thousands of years of traditional knowledge in sound therapy with benefits of today's advanced technology.


The abilities of today's advanced technology provide precision in applying, accuracy in testing, and a high level of audio quality in all Sonic Pill® therapies. Sonic Pill® uses advances of high technology, in creating digital frequencies (binaural beats & isochronic tones) in addition to using analog frequencies in its programs.


All therapies are developed by certified sound therapist and finalized by using inputs from patients, traditional medicine professionals and sound therapists. All sounds are developed and/or recorded personally by our team by using Blackbird methodology. Also, the constant advancement of technology requires our team to be up to date, during new scientific research and new ways of application.


In addition to scientific support and experience, creativity is the base on which Sonic Pill® originated. From the basic model of musical journeys in digital form to the amazing and innovative concept of using Sonic Pill® therapy in the form of a physical product. Also, Sonic Group is developing series of innovations oriented not only for individuals, but also as a solution for business partners.


Sonic Pill® is the first product of Sonic Group Ltd a company that from 2019 markets innovative products based on sound frequencies. SP™ has received multiple medals and awards at the iEna 2019 International Trade Fair (Nurnberg International Trade Fair), SIIF 2019 (Seoul International Invention Fair), ARCA Zagreb 2020 and in Warsaw 2020.

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