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Frequently asked questions

Troubleshooting and how to

I got a physical Sonic Pills product, how do I use it?

If you have a physical product Sonic Pill®, follow these steps:
  • Open the bottle/pack and remove the capsule
  • Open the capsule and remove the paper containing the code
  • Register/sign up
  • Scan the QR code contained in the instructions next to the product, or enter it on sticky button on home page.
  • Listening to your Sonic Pill® you can access by selecting a category- My Sonic Pill®
  • Put on your headphones and enjoy!

I received a QR code and I cannot scan it?

If you cannot scan the QR code contained in the instructions, please enter alphanumeric code.

I have purchased Sonic Pills before and I can not find purchased items under ‘My Pills’?

We have changed our website and we expect some issues at the beginning. As valued member of Sonic family, please reach out to us on and we will find a way to resolve your issues.

Questions about Sonic Pills

I am a first-time user, how do I start?

If you are a first-time user, we recommend to start with questionnaire (link on which one to choose) to help you define the most suitable Sonic Pills for your needs. Also, we recommend to first time users to repeat the programs, as you need time to get used to therapy. More info on use how to use.

Is Sonic Pill suitable for everyone?

The implemented frequencies are beneficial for your health and can do no harm. It is advised that any Sound Healing Therapy is intended for the treatment of adults older than 12 years. It may be used in younger population with prior medical advice. There are medical conditions that due to frequencies, should be avoided. Do not use any Sonic Pill sound therapy if you have epilepsy or you are in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Can I use Sonic Pill at any time?

Yes. Just pls do not drive while listening Sonic Pills. It is not expected that taking Sonic Pill will affect the ability to drive vehicles and operate machinery, but it is not recommended to do so while listening.

I am using other medicines. Can I still use Sonic Pills?

Sonic Pills is considered not to be affected by other medicines. If used in combination with similar kind of medical drug or natural remedy, it may prolong and enhance its action. Still, if you are in doubt on effect of your treatment, please advise your doctor before using any Sonic Pill sound therapy.

How many times I can listen Sonic Pills program?

Sonic Pills hasn`t showed to have contraindications and side effects and is safe to use for unlimited period of time.