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Privacy Policy

SONIC GROUP d.o.o. takes obligation to safeguard your privacy very seriously, and we will treat any information you leave with care.

By visiting our site and / or registering, you accept and agree to the practices described in our Privacy Policy.

SONIC GROUP d.o.o., Zagreb, Ribnjak 40, OIB: 28555918854 (hereinafter Sonic Group d.o.o.) looks forward to your visit to our online store and your interest in our company and products.

We take the protection of your personal information seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Sonic Group d.o.o. recognizes the importance of your privacy, security and data protection and wants you to feel safe and comfortable when you visit our website.

When we collect your personal information or when you share it with us, we use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

These privacy policies explain:

  • Who are we?
  • What is personal information?
  • What information do we collect and how do we use it?
  • Legal basis for collecting your personal information
  • The period during which Sonic Group d.o.o. retains your personal information
  • Automated decision making
  • Profiling
  • Who can access your personal information?
  • Is your personal information secure?
  • How can you view, check, modify or delete the personal information you provide to us?
  • What is our policy on collecting information we receive from minors who use our websites?
  • COOKIES, How and why do we use them?
  • Can we subsequently change the terms of the Privacy Policy?
  • Your rights and choices
  • Why do you have to accept the terms of the Privacy Statement?
  • Contact


Who are we?

Sonic Group d.o.o. is a company incorporated in the Republic of Croatia, which deals with the production and sale of innovative products and the provision of services based on frequency sound technologies, aimed at improving the quality of life of the users. is a website and store operating within the Sonic Group d.o.o.

What is personal data?

Personal information is information that relates to you by which you can be identified directly (for example, your first and last name) or indirectly (for example, by an alias such as a unique identification number). Personal information includes first and last name, address, age, e-mail address and telephone number of a specific person. Personal information may also include numeric identifiers such as your computer’s IP address, mobile phone MAC address, or cookies.

What data do we collect and how do we use it?

We only collect personal information that you wish to provide us or such personal information as is necessary for us to provide and / or improve your services.

We collect and receive information through our websites, applications, social media pages and / or other means.

You give us your personal information directly (for example, when you create an account, when you contact us, when you enter your information into a LOYALTY application form, when you buy through our websites / web shops, applications or in our stores) and sometimes we collect it (for example, using cookies to understand how you use our websites and applications).

Legal basis for the collection of your personal data

Depending on the purpose of collecting and processing personal information, the legal basis for the processing of your information may be: Your consent (legitimate interest), legitimate interest Sonic Group d.o.o. (improving our products and services, preventing fraud, securing and maintaining the tools you use, such as websites / applications / devices secure to use), the execution of the contract or service you have requested, and regulations requiring the processing of personal information.

The period in which Sonic Group D.O.O. retains your personal data

Sonic Group d.o.o. stores your personal information that you submit to us through this site in your databases.

Your personal information will be kept by Sonic Group d.o.o. only for as long as is necessary to answer your questions or solve the problem, provide better and new services, in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

Sonic Group d.o.o. The following criteria are used to determine the period in which your information is withheld:

  • When purchasing our products, we retain your personal information for the duration of the contractual relationship and until you request deletion of the same (if you request deletion before the contract expires, your data will be pseudonymized)
  • When participating in a sweepstakes / contest or promotional offer, we retain your personal information in accordance with the rules of that sweepstake / contest or promotional offer.
  • We retain your personal information for the duration of the inquiry and until you request to delete it;
  • We keep your personal information while creating your account until you request to delete the account;
  • when subscribing to the newsletter, we will retain your personal information until you unsubscribe, unsubscribe, or request to delete the subscription;
  • When storing cookies on your computer, we retain your personal information as they serve a purpose


Sonic Group d.o.o . may retain your personal information after you stop using the services of Sonic Group d.o.o. or discontinue using this site for the purpose of fulfilling your legal obligations or managing your rights (before the courts or other competent authorities) or collecting statistics and maintaining records.

When your personal information is no longer needed for any of the purposes stated above, your personal information will be deleted from all systems within the Sonic Group d.o.o.

Please note that you have the right to delete your personal information at any time.

Automated decision making

For the purpose of securing transactions through our sites and applications against the unauthorized use of personal information and fraud, Sonic Group d.o.o. uses third-party solutions. The fraud detection method is based on simple comparisons, associations, groupings, predictions and atypical values ​​using intelligent agents, data collection techniques, and various in-depth data analysis techniques.

In the case of automated fraud detection, it may be that we delay the processing of an order / request for the purpose of verifying a transaction and / or decline the service of ordering / processing the request if we determine the possibility of fraud. In this case, we take all necessary precautions and protections to restrict access to your information and you have the right to access the information on which we base our decision.


Sonic Group d.o.o. may use techniques that are considered “profiling” or any form of automated processing of personal data when sending or displaying personalized notices and content, which involves the use of said data to evaluate personal aspects of individuals, in particular analysis or prediction of aspects relating to the personal preferences of that person, its interests, economic situation, behavior and the like.

We enter personal information collected through various interactions with you into a central database and analyze it to predict your personal preferences and / or interests.

Based on our analysis, we send, or display notices and / or content tailored to your interests and needs.

You reserve the right to object to the use of your data for “profiling”.

Who can access your personal data?

Example Sonic Group d.o.o. may share your personal information within Sonic Group d.o.o.’s organizational units to fulfill legal obligations, prevent fraud and / or provide tools, improve products and services or because you have given us consent.

Sonic Group d.o.o. will not share your personal information with business partners and associates who intend to use it for direct marketing purposes unless you have given us specific permission to do so.

Your personal information may also be processed by trusted third party service providers whom we entrust with the tasks and activities they perform on our behalf. In this case, we only provide them with the information they need to perform the service, requesting that they not use your personal information for other purposes. Our service providers must at all times provide the same level of security for your personal information as Sonic Group d.o.o.

We may disclose your personal information to trusted third parties who assist us in providing digital and e-commerce services, such as social media monitoring, loyalty programs, identity management, ratings and reviews, customer relationship management, network and search engine analysis, and the like. , third parties providing product delivery services (mail, delivery services), third parties providing technical support to us such as platform or server accommodation, database support and maintenance, as well as software and applications, payment service providers (banks and other credit institutions).

We may forward your personal information to state law enforcement agencies in the following situations:

  • when we are required to do so as required by any applicable regulation / law;
  • if such action is necessary for the legal process to proceed;
  • when responding to any legal request or action;
  • if it complies with legal requirements or actions, or in order to protect the rights of Sonic Group d.o.o. or Sonic Group customers d.o.o. and the public.


Is your personal information secure?

Sonic Group d.o.o. protects your personal information and takes steps to ensure that it is protected.

Sonic Group d.o.o. the data it collects and processes protects it from unauthorized access by third parties.

Links to third party sites

Sonic Group website d.o.o. may contain links to other websites. Sonic Group d.o.o. bears no responsibility for the content, accuracy or function of these sites. The links were given in good faith and Sonic Group d.o.o. shall not be held responsible for any subsequent changes to other web sites to which it has provided a link. We recommend that you exercise caution and carefully read the privacy policies of other websites you visit.

Some of our websites give you the opportunity to email the website address to another person. This function implies that we may collect your e-mail address and / or the e-mail addresses of those to whom you have submitted the website. E-mail addresses collected in this way are not used for any purpose other than to fulfill your request. These e-mail addresses are not stored and deleted immediately upon request.

Applications through social networks

Sonic Group d.o.o. Gives you the opportunity to log in via social networks. If you sign up through social networks, you will share your information with us depending on the platform settings of a particular social network.

Remember that all content you post on social media platforms is public, so be careful when sharing certain personal information such as financial information or address details, and we encourage you to read the privacy policies to understand what personal information you share and use on social media networks.

How can you see, check, change, or delete the personal data you sent to us?

You have the right to contact us to provide you with all the information we store about you. You can also request the deletion, correction or amendment of your information by sending an email to:

What is our policy on collecting the data we obtain from minors who use our website?

We are very important to protect the privacy of minors (children) in the world of electronic communications, as well as encouraging parents and guardians to participate in monitoring the electronic activities of minors.

The processing of personal data is legal if the person is at least 16 years old and / or with the consent of the parent and / or guardian.

We ask parents to pay particular attention to their children’s electronic activities and to warn children not to provide personally identifiable information electronically without their permission. At any time, parents and / or guardians may view, check, modify or delete their child’s personal information.

Cookies, How and why do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device (computer, tablet or mobile phone) as you browse the Internet, including Sonic Group Web sites d.o.o. and which contain a series of characters in which open or encoded information is placed. The server sends cookies to your computer and stores them there. First and foremost, they are used to identify the computer from which a website is opened. If you log in to a website, cookies serve to notify the server of the server and to check the rights to open a specific page. Each cookie has its own deadline after which it is no longer valid. This deadline may be far in the future. Thanks to cookies, one can follow the path of a user through various parts of our website and also through other websites. Cookies can help improve communication between our server and your computer, thereby making it easier to use our site. Cookies need not only come from the owner of the website but also from a third party, such as the social network or the advertising network. With your browser, you have the option of displaying cookies from your computer, deleting existing cookies, or adjusting the configuration so that not everyone is stored or cookies are not stored at all. Note that some features (such as logging in) will not work or will not work properly if you disable cookies.

Can we change the Conditions of privacy policy?

Sonic Group d.o.o. reserves the right to modify and correct this Privacy Policy.

Your rights and choices

Sonic Group d.o.o. respects your privacy.

Your rights:

  • Right to information

You have the right to receive clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how we use your personal information.

  • Right of access

You have the right to access your personal information that you have provided to us, subject to the prescribed restrictions. In the case of providing information, administrative costs may be charged.

  • Right to rectification

You have the right to request the correction and / or supplementation of personal information.

  • Right to delete / right to forget

You have the right to request the deletion or removal of personal information. Your right to delete and / or remove personal information is not an absolute right, as we may have legal or legitimate grounds for retaining your personal information.

  • Right to object

You have the right at any time to object to the processing of personal data processed on grounds of public interest or legitimate interests, including the creation of profiles.

You may unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving direct promotional content at any time.

  • Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

You have the right to contact the Personal Data Protection Authority and have the right to file a data protection complaint and how to implement the Privacy Policy Sonic Group d.o.o.

Before filing a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, please feel free to contact us to assist you in protecting your rights.

  • Right to data portability

You have the right to move, copy and / or transfer data from our database to another database. This right applies only to information you provide to us on the basis of a contract or consent, or if the processing is performed by automated means.

  • The right of restriction

You have the right to request a restriction on the processing of your data. This right limits the processing of your information, meaning that we may store it, but we may not use it or further process it.

You can contact your personal data protection officer at your e-mail: for your rights and the way they are exercised.

Why should you accept the conditions in the privacy statement?

Sonic Group d.o.o. uses web services to collect and process your personal information. This includes the processing and transfer of your personal information outside the borders of Croatia.

This privacy statement provides you with all the information you need (the easy way) to choose whether to use this site and to send your personal information to Sonic Group d.o.o. or not.

By visiting our website, as well as communicating electronically, you consent to and consent to the processing of your personal information in the manner set out in this Privacy Statement.

If you are interested in providing certain services (sweepstakes, newsletter, new product details) we will take additional direct personal information from you (name, address and e-mail address). In this case, we will ask for your consent to the collection and use of your personal information, which will be used solely for the purpose for which you provided it to us.

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


If you have any questions regarding the protection of your personal information, how we treat your personal information and how we use it or would like to exercise the rights stated above, please feel free to contact us at

Support and claims

Any product related issues purchased from Sonic Group stores d.o.o. you can resolve by contacting any of the following information:

  • by email at
  • By mail to SONIC GROUP d.o.o., Ribnjak 40, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • By telephone on 01/4828060

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