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Unique methodology

Basis of the Blackbird method

I have been researching and testing sound frequencies for the past 8 years. Combined with my unique background knowledge as a music producer and body therapist, mixed with a lifetime quest acknowledging human beings in all their layers I developed a specific methodology of creating unique sound therapies that have shown to be very effective with my clients.

I call it the Blackbird method, and it is a combination of the ‘frequency cocktail’, sound mixing - creating enjoyable sound journeys and a merge of body and mind needs. Last but not the least, I have experienced that sound therapy can be effective in a very short time, so I set my therapies to last maximum 10-20 min depending on the need.

The frequency cocktail

The majority of sound therapies based on binaural beats, monaural beats or isochronic  tones that can be found on YouTube use digital frequencies. There is nothing wrong with that. Still, as I work a lot with clients and use a wide range of tuning forks, I have witnessed the power of analog frequencies as they have that raw, historical power with overtones and harmonics that have shown to be very efficient with many disbalances. This is why, in my method, frequencies are both digital and analog. I use them both as single frequencies and for creating binaural beats, isochronic tones, and scalar waves.

Sound mixing

Sound mixing is what the therapist is adding on frequencies to make therapy more effective and nicer to listen. On one hand it is white, brown and pink noises both from nature and artificially created ambiences and on other it is music masking. Here is where I am levering my rich music producer experience to make Sonic pill sound mixing unique and very pleasant to listen.

In both digital and analog forms I often use white, brown, or pink noise. What is unique in my noises, is that they are originally recorded and not studio produced. Whether it is fire, humming, birds or sea we went all the way to capture all the natural strength in its natural environment or self created sounds like humming, chanted vowels, and mantras.

Music masking is the composition in which the frequency cocktail is blended in. It makes the sonic healing journey pleasant for listening and creates a specific atmosphere for shifting the state of consciousness. Music masking is tuned to A-444Hz or A-432Hz.

Length of the therapy

Majority of relaxing and meditative techniques take quite long and require additional requirements like knowledge, previous experience and silence/adapted environment to be effective. The method I have developed proved to be quite fast in efficiency and depending on the type of Pill , the therapy is a minimum of 5.20 min long and our longest is 20.51 min. Still, no one is stopping you to use them on repeat for stronger effect, especially those in the group of BALANCE PILLS.

Synchronizing needs of body and mind

When using digital frequencies, they are linear, sinus or square frequencies tuned to a specific region or body part, commonly utilized in protocols for sound therapy. Here is when I utilise my extensive knowledge about the human body.
By developing frequency cocktails I tune it to a body part depending on what is being treated. If I use digital frequencies to create binaural beats, scalar waves* and isochronic tones* , then the base tone is tuned to a body region, and the rhythm of the binaural beat or isochronic tone will tune the brain to a specific brainwave state. The base frequency and the state depend on what is being treated. Last but not the least is that what is known for all sound therapists, the most effective are those created with right intention.

Because only sound+intention=healing