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What is Focus & Concentration Pill?

The Focus & Concentration Sonic Pill® (FCSP) is designed to help you clear your mind of unwanted thoughts which can disrupt your concentration and focus. By staying focused on the task at hand, you can increase your productivity and achieve success. This Sonic Pill® is particularly useful when studying or learning new things, as it can enhance your ability to think more effectively and stay focused even in the face of distractions.

How it works

The Focus & Concentration Sonic Pill® (FCSP) uses binaural Gamma waves, created with analog techniques, to help users maintain focus and improve concentration. These frequencies are associated with the physical area of the head and create sympathetic resonance with the brain, allowing for efficient thinking. The F&C Pill utilizes a binaural frequency of 53.3 Hz, to increase information flow and entrain the brain to a higher level of operation in the Gamma brainwave state. To the amazing Gamma, we added a singular frequency of the Pineal Gland (2675Hz) to a higher awakened state by supporting adrenaline levels. The pill also includes an additional vocal humming noise that is intended to further focus the mind, elevate endorphin levels and enhance the overall experience. Get ready to finish the work that you have been putting off for so long.


  • May stimulate the release of beta-endorphins, which can enhance your overall mood and reduce stress.
  • Helps with high-level processing of information.
  • Helps to improve focus attention and concentration.
  • May improve memory.
  • May enhance all cognitive functions.


10:35 min


Use prior or during activities that require high levels of concentration.


Use as many times as needed.

How to use

To guide you on how to use Sonic Pills® sound therapy effectively, here is a summary of the steps you can take:


Sonic Pills® hasn't shown to have any contradictions or side effects, and are safe to use for an unlimited period of time. The implemented frequencies are beneficial for your health and can do no harm. However, when using Sonic Pills® sound therapy, it's important to keep the following warnings in mind:

Made by

All Sonic Pills® sound therapies are designed and produced by Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic, sound therapist and member of the Sound Healers Association.