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Immuno Boost


What is Immuno Boost Pill?

In today's world, we've come to understand that having a strong immune system is crucial to maintaining good health. Unlike a single organ or body part, the immune system is a complex network of processes that's influenced by a variety of factors unique to each individual. Although there's no conclusive evidence linking lifestyle choices to immunity, researchers have long explored the potential connections. The Immuno Boost Sonic Pill® (IBSP) is a sound therapy designed to improve the balance of your physical and mental functions, which scientists believe could enhance your body's immune response.

How it works

The Immuno Boost Sonic Pill (IBSP) is designed to balance your body's systems and enhance your immune response. IBSP utilizes binaural rhythms and isochronic tones to induce Alpha waves (at a frequency of 10.5Hz with a base frequency of 128Hz) as well as a series of analog frequencies (including 528Hz, 417Hz, and 639Hz) which were discovered by Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Joseph Puleo. These frequencies are also included in the analog frequency set "Holy Harmony" by Jonathan Goldman, the pioneer of sound therapy and head of the Sound Healers Association in America. Additionally, IBSP implements a unique humming technique that, when used in conjunction with the pill, may help reduce inflammation, which could contribute to a stronger immune response to COVID-19.


  • Helps to harmonize the entire body.
  • Helps to harmonize all mental processes.
  • May reduce stress.
  • May enhance the production of melatonin.
  • Boosts motivation.


15:19 min


Use anytime you feel a lack of vital energy.


Not recommended to listen on a loop; however, can be used throughout the day.

How to use

To guide you on how to use Sonic Pills® sound therapy effectively, here is a summary of the steps you can take:


Sonic Pills® hasn't shown to have any contradictions or side effects, and are safe to use for an unlimited period of time. The implemented frequencies are beneficial for your health and can do no harm. However, when using Sonic Pills® sound therapy, it's important to keep the following warnings in mind:

Made by

All Sonic Pills® sound therapies are designed and produced by Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic, sound therapist and member of the Sound Healers Association.